Sendai information available! -Welcome to Sendai-


Sendai infomation available

Hello new comers.
We are an English conversation school with the intercultural study classes.
We welcome you to Sendai and will provide you information to nicely settle in here.
If you are looking for information as below,
please come to our classes
on 13th 15:00 October
to THE 6 in Kasugamachi.

-Good English Speaking Doctors
-Good Japanese classes (free and paid)
-Supermarket/market and daily supply info.
-Security information,
-Housing system explanations
-Japanese customs and culture
-Good cafés and restaurants
… and more.

I am a native Japanese spend a year both in US and Norway, had been a secretary at Tohoku University for over 6 years. We would like you to enjoy Sendai life getting as much information as you need.

Class details:
-Up to three people at a class.
-3000 yen per a person, cash at the door.
-Meet at mediatheque at 17:50 or
come to THE 6 Sendai city Aoba-ward Kasugamachi 9-15 at 18:00
-12th or 26th October
-Application, Email to with name, gender and what you want to know.

Tomoko Tada