Talking about our daily life colour cultures: Blue

青とオレンジの毛糸 イベント情報

Talking about our daily life colour cultures: Blue

Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated by colours. Every day we are surrounded by colours; they are part of our daily lives. We express our feelings, conditions and situations through the use of colours. Take red, for example. A colour of prosperity and luck in some cultures, yet a sign of danger and passion in others. Colours intrigue us, so much so that even if some particular colours were created from toxic ingredients, we continued to use them throughout history.This online talk’s aim is for us to enjoy and enrich our lives with colours through various hues and pigmentations used in different cultures throughout the world. Our theme for this meeting will be focused on the colour “blue”. We will collect various blue colour combinations from all over the world, introduce them to you, and tell you stories about the shades of blue around us.

The talk will be hosted by three professionals whose works involve the use of colours:

Akinori Shimodaira, an illustrator who researches the relationship between colours and emotions, Misa Oyama, owner of Itoshigoto who makes and sells her own hand-dyed yarns and Tomoko Tada, an English teacher and painter who is fascinated by the use of colour from various cultures.

In addition to the talk, Akinori will design yarn colour combinations inspired by the meeting, and Misa will create hand-dyed yarns from the designs. They will be available for purchase with the tickets to this event.

If possible, please bring your ‘blue’ to the meeting to show us. It can be a piece of textile, dish, painting, to name a few. We are looking forward to this event. We hope that from this meeting you will enjoy colours more in your daily lives.


  • Akinori Shimodaira, Illustrator/Researcher of the relationship between colour and emotions
  • Misa Oyama, Owner of itoshigoto/Maker of hand-dyed yarns
  • Tomoko Tada, Owner of English school One/ Painter/Learns about colors from all over the world.

Time and date: March 5 2021, Friday 19:00 to 20;00 JST

Place: Online by zoom meeting
Price: 1500yen
(Yarn sets and English conversation trial sets available at peatax)
Seats: 15 seats available
(Note: This session is only in Japanese)


Proofread by Natsha Nandabhiwat



yarns that Tomoko designed and dyed by Misa